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8 weeks

2-3 weeks

2 weeks

2-3 weeks

Learn basic darkroom procedures through photograms by experimenting with the enlarger, timer, proper storage and the paper development process.

Learn how the camera works by constructing pinhole cameras out of various materials. Students will create paper negatives and make positive final contact prints from them. 

2 rolls of shutter speed experimenting: one slow shutter speed, one capturing fast action

1 roll of f-stop experimentation: 3-4 subjects with a range of f-stops

1-2 rolls experimenting with tricky exposures such as backlighting, low light and night

Learn how to arrange shapes, tones, textures and negative space to complement eachother

Use the rule of thirds as a guide to explore balance, interest, and complexity in composition

Play with a frame within the composition to create depth, focus and scale

Experiment with perspective to see your subject in a different way

1 week

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