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17 weeks

2 weeks

2 weeks

7 weeks

2 weeks

2 weeks

2 weeks

Review the science behind how the camera works by creating a unique pinhole camera using found objects and creating a successful an thematic set of final prints 

2 final prints that demonstrate a clear understanding of shutter speed and its role in exposure and composition 

2 final prints that demonstrate a clear understanding of aperture settings an their role in exposure and composition 

2 rolls experimenting "pushing" and "pulling" film and development

Explore Szarkowski's ideas of representation

Explore Szarkowski's ideas about details of a larger narrative

Explore Szarkowski's ideas about visual inclusion and exclusion

Explore Szarkowski's ideas about capturing time and Cartier-Bresson's decisive moment

Explore Szarkowski's idea of perspective and perception

Students learn how to scan their negatives and prepare them for digital editing

Student learn the basic photoshop tools in order to edit and prepare their files for printing

Students learn basic file management rules and organization including sizing, file types, and proper storage. 

Students explore the technological advantages of digital SLRs including experimenting with various ISOs

Students explore the use of color and how it influences composition, mood, and balance in thier pictures

Students continue to learn and explore more intermediate photoshop techniques and tools

Students create a final series-based project in their chosen medium (digital or analog)

Students create and showcase a website that includes a full portfolio of their work from the entire semester, and present it to the larger Concord Academy community

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