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Students are challenged to create an on campus camera obscura for the larger community to explore

Students use the camera obscura to make a series of pictures - Darkroom or Digital

Students are challenged to complete a variety of compositional challenges - Film or Digital

Students propose a short independent series based project

Students utilize 120 film using the holga or diana camera to complete a variety of assignments 

Students explore in-camera double exposure techniques and challenges 

Students print medium format negatives both in the darkroom and on ink jet printers

Students mix chemistry and make cyanotype prints using digital negatives

Students mix chemistry and make vandyke prints using digital negatives

Students attempt a variety of photo-transfers including poloroid, gel medium, and oil

Students expose, develop and print photopolymer plates using a light table and printing press

Students create a final series-based project in their chosen medium

Students create and showcase a website that includes a full portfolio of their work from the entire semester, and present to the larger Concord Academy community

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